How to grow your business on Facebook examples.

How to grow your business on Facebook examples.


Facebook Post Ideas For growup Your Business

How to grow your business on Facebook examples.

1. Share a Quote

Are there words or quotes that inspire you or will inspire your followers? Go ahead and share and ask for feedback from Coach Meg followers on their favourite quotes and post  their favourite quotes in starting .

you go  Your Coach Meg  official facebook page  is a great example of someone who shares meaningful quotes on a regular basis. 

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2. Use hashtags.

Like Twitter, Facebook and instagram uses hashtags to organize community conversations about specific topics all in one stream. niche-related hashtags in your posts to join in on conversations that are already happening on Facebook,instagram. as a means of increasing visibility and engaging with a new audience.

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3. Promote your Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest,facebook and Twitter accounts.

In starting not all social media channels will suit your business, so pick and choose the ones that are best for you.

If you have products that are easy on the eye,facebook could be the perfect fit. Sync your Facebook account with your Instagram account so you can post on both platforms at the same time and you can use youtube.

If a post on a particular social media channel like facebook,instagram,twitter,youtube ect did really work well, you should feature it on your other platforms too.

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4. Behind the scenes

 your audience loves to see personable content. What better way to deliver what they want that is behind-the-scenes video or image

Whether it’s a glimpse of a new product or before release or a sneak peek of your office shenanigans, viewers love to see what you’ve really got going on and will eat. it. up 

Better way for behind-the-scenes video  is vloging.

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5. Post about trending topics

Facebook’s news feed algorithm rewards posts about trending topics.

For example, say the new trend is flying donkey.

So you publish a post about a flying donkey sighting.

Facebook algorithm likes this.

and ues #hashtags

So it’ll likely rank up your post.

On the other hand:

Your posts about fire-breathing Lions— probably won’t get as much love from the algorithm.

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6. Post a live stream

Live streams allow you to chat with your audience in real-time and you can add anyone.

This is a great way to answer your followers’ questions.

But what about all the people who miss your live


Facebook allows you to post the live stream video play back.

you can write there time and day of  your next live stream.

and do QNA every week on live stream.

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7.  Fill-in-the-blanks

“My favorite animal is___.”

There’s just something about fill-in-the-blank posts that make you automatically think of a answer.

This is an excellent way of getting more comments.

And Facebook even allows you to turn your post into a design that’ll attract more audience

I suggest you use a bright-colored design to help your fill-in-the-blank post stand out nicely.

You add can evend multiple fill-in-the-blanks in one line.

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8. Highlight a person that works in your business.

People love to know that a company is personal – that real people are answering their emails and behind the business’s social media.

Highlight those people (and even yourself!) Let your audience get to know the people behind the scenes. Post in a way that you are relatable and open.

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9. Tie into daily Themes.

Each day of the week has particular “themes” on social media. Tie into them! Be funny, or be serious.

Some examples 

Monday – Motivation Monday

Tuesday – Trivia Tuesday

Wednesday – Wednesday Wisdom

Thursday – Throwback Thursday

Friday – TGIF

Saturday – Selfie Saturday

Sunday – Sunday Funday

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10. Best way to promote your products on facebook  groups.

Make your won facebook group and share your group link to another group’s.

it is best way.

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